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For me, 2022 Will Be About Discipline

Welcome 2022! I was looking forward to meeting you. Your younger brother 2021 was a real asshole.

This past year I took a major career leap and began charting a course for my career as a organizational consultant. It's been a massive shake-up for me in many ways. The most obvious is that I am now working for myself for the first time in my life, which has been exciting and nerve-racking at the same time. I no longer am beholden to 'reporting for duty', or punching a clock for someone else. Now (as all those who live this life have known), I'm now accountable to one person - myself. That means that how I approach each day is entirely dictated by me. Get up early? Maybe. Connect with the outer world? I could. Shave and shower? Perhaps tomorrow.

My success will depend on many factors, but one that is wholly required is discipline. As a 20-year veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, the concept of discipline is one with which I have a long-standing relationship. "Be here." "Do your duty." "Be fit." "Do this." Simple, transactional stuff when you've been trained to deliver exactly what's required. Today, I must form a new relationship with discipline. Now, the outcomes are not as clear; I must define the objectives.

To reach the destinations (financial freedom and giving back - more on this in a future post) 2022 must be about the discipline of understanding the objective, understanding what's required to get there, and having the DISCIPLINE to take steps forward everyday.

(*Picture of Pam and me after I finished the Ironman - an epitome of discipline in action)

I don't really like new year resolutions as I believe that if you need to change something you should not wait until an arbitrary date to begin working on improving yourself. So, this isn't a new year's resolution

but more of a reflection of where I am currently in my career and (one of) the most important factors I will focus on to achieve my definition of success. In practice, discipline will come to life in the following ways (not exclusive):

  • Connecting daily with at least one person from my network to a) check in on them b) understand where they're looking to add value and c) help where I can

  • Writing and posting at least once per week. It's one thing to write and get thoughts down, it's a whole other level to put it out for public consumption. For better or worse - it needs to happen (this post is Exhibit A)

  • Health and fitness regimen. Now is not the time to let this slip. Being healthy and fit have their obvious benefits (i.e., live longer, feel better, mentally sharper, aesthetically more pleasing) but this year I will have discipline in this realm as the backbone of accomplishing discipline in the other facets. If H&F goes off the rails, the others are sure to follow.

  • Discipline of thought. A bit more nebulous, but what this means to me is that I will have discipline in the support of my thoughts and beliefs. Take stances based on education and experience and be unwavering unless new fact-based information presents itself.

Each new year refreshes our mind and allows us to reflect on the past year's successes and failures and chart a course for growth as a human. For me, time to lean on my old friend Discipline and get to work.


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